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A Family that Plays Together, Stays Together

Traveling as a family should always be an exciting and memorable experience for everyone. One of the most significant activities for child development includes playtime. Playing involves exercise, imagination, exploring, discovering, learning and so much more. When planning a trip for my family I take into consideration that kids need to be kids. Well, last year I found the perfect place for the family right here in the Good ole’ US of A. Port Discovery Children’s Museum in Baltimore, MD has it all.

The layout of this Museum is spacious with plenty to do. The first thing we observed was this huge four-story Sky Climber. The kids absolutely loved this area. They exerted most of their energy in this area. They were running around and climbing for about an hour before wanting to explore the rest of the museum. The Port, which is at the center of the Sky Climber, is a huge life-sized ship where kids could role-play as the captain of the ship, sailors, engineers, and more. In this area, socks are required.

There are three floors of hands-on exhibits with so many different stations the children can visit. There was the Studio Workshop where children can let those creative and artistic juices flow. The Convenience Store and Fill-er-up Station is where the kids enjoyed going grocery shopping and filling the car up with gas. The kids enjoyed the PD Presents station because it was all about music and theatre. Next, we ventured to the Kick it Up Station and played some sports. The Tot Trails was an awesome space designed for infants and toddlers. Our toddler did not want to leave the Tot Trail Station. Unfortunately, she had a minor meltdown when it was time to move on to another station. Come to think of it none of the toddlers wanted to leave the Tot Trail Station. I nicknamed it the "Meltdown Station". There were plenty of age-appropriate activities in this station to keep the little ones busy and stimulated. I will not include every single station, but I must mention the Wonder of Water Station. This is by far the busiest and loudest station at the Museum, but it was super fun. Plenty was going on with highly active activities to tire out those energetic kids. By closing time, my kids were both mentally and physically exhausted and slept like logs that night.

As for now, the museum is closed but this does not mean fun times cannot live on. The Port Discovery website offers some amazing resources for at-home play and learning for children of all ages. Due to COVID-19 and social distancing, some children may be frustrated with all these changes. Some children may feel bored or stressed because of the lack of structure or shift in schedules. Some parents are feeling a little stressed out as well. Utilizing these tips on this website is a great way to keep the children active and creating a routine. I am all about having a great time playing together as a family. It does not take much to put a smile on a child’s face. So, play on my friends, play on! The website to the Port Discovery Museum is

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