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Cenote Selva Maya

One of the best-kept secrets of Mexico is the cenotes. Like most tourists, I wasn’t aware of what a cenote was until two years ago. The first time traveling to Mexico was to Mexico City. My wife and I always look at the major points of interest and trust me cenotes were not one of them. For those that don’t know what is a cenote, it’s a natural sinkhole from a collapse of limestone bedrock to expose underground water. Most cenotes are in the Yucatan Peninsula where the Mayans used them for water supplies. There are over 6,000 cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula, which allowed the Mayan civilization to expand across the region.

The cenotes are direct connections to subterranean water systems. The exposed water is fresh water-based and usually measures ten meters in diameter. Which means they are quite large. The depth can vary from very shallow to very deep due to the underground water tunnels. There are many types of marine animals that thrive in the caves such as guppies, catfish, small eels, and frogs.

The cenote we visited was called Selva Maya about 30 minutes from Chichén Itzá. Before you enter the complex, you have a chance to rent a life jacket and locker. If you choose to purchase a locker you will need to make your way to the women's or men locker depending on how you identify. After you change, you will need to shower to rinse off any perfumes or colognes that may harm the natural habitat. After you were nice and clean you can make your way to the lower levels to either jump or walk into the water. As far as I’m concerned the only way in is to jump feet first!

I suggest visiting any cenote or lagoon on your own because we had a 45-minute time limit and that wasn’t enough in our opinion. Also, try to visit different cenotes because no two are the same because of terrain or water depth. The most notable cenote in my opinion is Sac Actun, which is perfect for snorkeling and swimming. Click the link below to see how much fun we had in the water. All in all, it was a great experience and I hope yall be safe and enjoy yourselves!

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