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This was my first time staying in an AirBnB and I was very nervous for some reason. I have never heard any horror stories, but I’m a little old school when it come to certain things. I have always been a hotel type of guy, but when traveling with friends, we decided to look into other lodging options for the sake of convenience. Sharing a hotel suite was not an option and stay in three separate hotels would be disadvantageous when trying to coordinate to meet up for scheduled travel excursions. The best option was to use AirBnB. That was the best decision I could have ever made! The “test pilot” was in Medellin, Colombia. Forget about anything bad you heard about the city, I’m here to tell you I had the most amazing time and our accommodations were amazing. I couldn’t have picked a better location to stay in the city.

Once we landed in Medellin, we took a cab from the airport to the check-in center. We were greeted by our host Carlos and he took good care of us. The apartment was not ready upon arrival, but they made sure we were good to go. They provided free Wi-Fi and beverages while we waited and made recommendations to local restaurants. We took full advantage and walked about 10 minutes to a nearby busy street full of bars and restaurants and got a delicious hot meal! Once our apartment was ready, they transported us by cab to our AirBnB destination. It was no more than a 10-minute cab ride and we saw we made the correct choice in choosing to stay at this location. It is literally a 2-minute walk to all the coolest bars and lounges and a 10-minute walk to the mall.

The apartment building had a security guard with a locked gate for added protection. That gave us a sense of confidence and security because we stayed on the first floor of the building and I’m usually nervous about that. In this case all the anxiety went out the window. When we walked inside, we were blown away that the place looked exactly like the pictures. This doesn’t happen too often, and we were very pleased. The AirBnB is listed as a Bohemian style three-bedroom apartment, but we knew this place was so much more. Some of the amenities included a full-size kitchen, dining room, living room, reading nook, laundry room with washer and dryer, and three full size bathrooms for each room.

Carlos made sure we had everything we needed and even set us up for tours everyday while we were there. I have absolutely zero complaints about the property or management of the property. I’ll definitely be staying there again when I come back! Please check them out and tell them Travels in my Lifetime sent you!

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Ryan Poole
Ryan Poole

This was a nice read. Short and to the point but also delivered helpful advice.

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