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Hiatus of travel plans....:(

Hello young world. I hope everyone is safe during these trying times. The statistics coming from the CDC are alarming. I would like to keep everyone updated about what is going on with Travels in my Lifetime during this pandemic. I have been looking at old pictures of past adventures to many other countries I have visited. It brings back some cool times and some not so cool times...HAHAHA!

One of the benefits of staying in the house is editing and updating my social media. I've had this idea to blog about my travels for about a year now and when I decided to pull the trigger on it; This happens. I guess we can't control what happens in the world, we just live in it. My goal for the first year was to flood my website with new excursions from future trips, but for right now I can use past trips to share my experience and provide tips and expert advice. Trust me you will not be disappointed!

I have been looking at Google maps for a couple of weeks now and getting ideas of where I would like to visit. Once I choose a country, I start my research about the different cities, towns, and villages. Google is your best friend in this case! I go on blogs and see what other travel bloggers and Facebook travel groups suggest. There are a couple of other avenues I use during the research process, but for the most part that is my process for picking destinations.

I think the first five places on my list include the following: (in no particular order) Toronto, Canada... Santiago, Chile... Buenos Ares, Argentina... Quito, Ecuador... Marrakesh, Morocco. I was supposed to visit Toronto, Canada last weekend and cancelled those plans early on before the travel bans were put in place. Luckily I was able to receive a full refund on the hotel accommodations and a credit towards a future flight. We will be back to normal one day. Once again, I wish everyone has a blessed year! Stay tuned!

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