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Kemet. A place of wonder and amazement!

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

As a child I dreamed of going to Egypt and seeing the Pyramids of Giza. Not only was I able to accomplish a childhood dream, but I did it with my wife on our anniversary. Mrs. Travel will be my guest on this blog and share her experience as well. The morning of the excursion I was very nervous about seeing the Pyramids and I couldn't shake the feeling. To accurately describe the feeling, it was comparable to butterflies in my stomach or having that feeling of my first date with my wife. A Memphis Tour guide picked us from our hotel around 0800 on a private tour. My best friend and his wife came along with us on this tour. Now we could see the pyramids from our hotel room, but we knew we were going to be face to face within 15 minutes of being picked up. We had a slight detour to eat breakfast, which was a bean falafel and it was delicious. We arrived to the site and the sun was leaning on everyone, but at this point it didn't matter.

Walking up to the Great Pyramid was a sight to see! I almost felt like crying because I knew the history behind the stones that make up this beautiful structure. I only assume the stones were like bricks, but boy was I wrong. I'm a big guy and the stones were about 6'0 ft or 183cm in height and weighed about a ton. Those measurements blew my mind because it raised so many questions. How did humans push and pull these blocks up this structure in the heat? How did the workers align the pyramids to the stars? MIND BLOWN!!! After taking several pictures we were afforded the opportunity to go inside the pyramid. When I tell you it was hot as the dickens... LET ME REPEAT... the heat was crazy hot! I laugh about it now, but I tell people if you love yourself don't go to Egypt in the summer. We purchased the additional tour to go into the pyramid. After walking up a long narrow shaft to a empty room, we realized it nothing to really look at HAHAHAHA! Hey, at least we can say we've been inside. We drove to an open patch of desert which offered a better view of the pyramids and the city of Cairo. Egypt instantly became the number 1 place I have ever visited in my life! Now allow me to introduce my spottieottiedopaliscious angel Mrs. Travels....

Hello everyone. The most memorable part of this trip was sharing this experience with my husband on our anniversary. I needed a complete recharge and this trip was the perfect getaway. Witnessing the Great Pyramid in person was definitely on the bucket list. Seeing it in person was mind blowing purely based on the size of the structure. The stones vary in size. Some stones were almost as tall as I am and some were bigger. By the way, I am only 5'0. Our tour guide, Maha Elhefny with Memphis Tours was outstanding. She made sure we had plenty of water to stay hydrated, she is an excellent photographer, and she is extremely knowledgeable on past and present Egyptian history. So if you are in need of a tour guide, think of Maha Elhefny with Memphis Tours.

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