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Pyramid of the Moon

The wife (Mrs. Travels) and I were blown away by the Pyramid of the Sun and Moon. The large buildings are in Teotihuacan, which is about hour and half outside of Mexico City, Mexico. Historians believe the complex was constructed around 200 CE and abandoned about 750 CE. It was nothing like we’ve seen before because both pyramids are meant to be walked on. There are steps that go all the way up to the top of the pyramid. The lines were extremely long so get there early to have enough time to go up both pyramids. Normally, if you’re on a guide tour they will instruct you to choose which pyramid you want to go up. Whichever one you choose; you will not be disappointed! Once on top you can see for miles around the pyramids and really take in the scenery.

Connecting the two pyramids is the Avenue of the Dead. Which sounds sinister, but I believe this is how they transported important people from one area to another. Along the avenue are short pyramids you can climb up in two minutes and see a little bit of the area. The whole area is one big complex and people use to live and thrive in this area. No one knows why the civilization declined, but there are theories out there you can research about.

The steps going up the pyramid are very shaky and uneven. One step might be a normal step and the next step might be 17 inches (43 cm) high. Since the steps are not regulated, the UNESCO group installed a guide rope along the path up. Trust me you will need it! If you get dizzy easily, please have someone guide you up or stay on the ground to be safe. The main difference between the two pyramids is the Sun pyramid is larger and you can go all the way to the top. The Moon pyramid is smaller, and you can only go halfway up due to the uncertainty of the structure.

If this is a place of interest to you, please know that if you visit during the summer months there isn’t much shade. I recommend wearing sunscreen, a long-brimmed hat or baseball cap and cool light-colored clothing. My wife and I went during the month of July while celebrating our wedding anniversary. It was a sunny day with a little to no breeze in the air. Also be sure to bring along cold bottled water. There will be a lot of walking and climbing steps and you will exert a lot of energy. My wife did have a painful sunburn so I just wanted to share some safety tips.

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