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Welcome to Travels in My Lifetime. This idea of not feeling fulfilled with just "adulting", and life feeling monotonous was a pervasive theme for me. I was in the military and my first time traveling outside of the country when I was sent to war. I felt I hadn’t truly lived. Incidentally, there were these brief moments while in the military where I’d met these fantastic individuals that demonstrated true humanity. I enjoyed the basic human interaction of sharing food, having meaningful conversations and experiencing different cultures.


One thing that was absolutely fulfilling to me was the opportunity to travel while being in the military. I didn’t want to be among other tourists. I wanted to be among the people of that region and experience the true essence of every village or town within a country. I want to see the world and live a fulfilled life. I began to travel the world solo, with my family and with friends. This is how Travels in My Lifetime came to be. After visiting over 30 countries, I would love to be able to share valuable information regarding the attractions that may interest you.

Travels in My Lifetime is about sharing information on hotels, tourist guides or groups, restaurants, top architectural sights and locations, airlines, sightseeing adventures and excursions to those that request in-depth knowledge when traveling. I would love to hear your suggestions on places to travel as well.


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