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Mud Volcano aka Mud Bath

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Hello…Hello… Just another beautiful day in Colombia! My friends and I decided we needed a spa day for men. We reached out to our tour guide in Cartagena, Freddy Pez and he told us about an active mud volcano that we couldn’t resist. The trip took about 1 hour and half to get to the site. I highly recommend bringing an extra pair of clothes with you because you will be covered with mud. Please…. Be prepared to be washed off in the nearby lake by one of the sweet older women. I was taken by surprise by no running water and I had to get down and dirty with everyone else. The woman even told me to get naked in the water to wash my shorts…. All I could say was…. Okay!!!

The mud volcano is called EL Totumo and is located in Santa Catalina in northern Colombia. When you get to site, the local workers will tell you take off everything and hand over your belongings. Don’t worry your tour guide will make sure your items are safe. You will be barefoot walking up this very unsafe staircase, but rest assure it will not fall over. Usually it is a long line to the top. When you do reach the the opening of the volcano there is another line that circles the entrance of the volcano. Once it’s your turn to get in, take your time when getting in. There will be a local guide in the mud to help you adjust to the feeling of floating. He or she will lay you on your back ask you do you want to cover your face with mud.

After your whole body is covered in mud you can just relax and let the sun beat down on you. There is no time limit on when you have to leave, but you should be respectful to the next tourist and not stay in more than 20 minutes. There will be plenty of locals to take pictures for you in and out of the volcano. When you leave the volcano area, you will have to take a 3 to 5 minute walk to the lake where you will be bathed thoroughly!

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