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Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Paramount Hotel in Dublin, Ireland was amazing. The hotel is in district 2, which is primetime for all your adventures. It’s a two minute walk from the River Liffey and Dublin Castle and six minutes to the light rail. I personally don’t think you need to take the rail because most locations visited were within walking distance. Within 20 minutes you can be pouring a refreshing beverage at the Guinness Storehouse or a smooth drink at the Jameson Distillery. In between those locations you much to see and do! The hotel itself has a classic early 1900s vibe and you can tell the owners put a lot of time and effort into it. Every room has free internet, flat-screen TVs, and all the modern amenities you can ask for. The hotel has a full restaurant where they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner next to the fully stocked bar. The bar turns into a roaring crowd of lively people who want to have fun at night. Also, you’re in luck because the hotel is right around the corner of the famous Temple Bar and you will be amazed of the night life it offers.

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