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Safety first and foremost!

A Pacsafe Travel Backpack is a must have item. This backpack is ideal for everyday personal use, hiking or using it as a carry-on for travel purposes. I have heard of quite a few horror stories about theft and other violent acts while traveling out of the country. After researching the news and watching hours of vlogs about the current state of Brazil, I decided it would be best to invest in an anti-theft travel backpack for my peace of mind. I decided to go to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil back in February for a solo trip. Since I was going to be traveling alone, I knew I needed a way to protect my valuables. I typically use my Nike backpack when traveling, but with it being made of nylon material it can be torn or cut open without my knowledge. Thieves are very slick and come at you with all types of misdirection and I wanted to be prepared.

Upon researching anti-theft backpacks, I came across the Pacsafe Venturesafe backpack on Amazon. The backpack comes in black, red, and blue. I purchased the 25-liter bag, but it comes in 15, 28, and 32-liter bags as well. I personally love black backpacks because I feel like they blend in more and I won’t stand out as much. As far as the size of the bag I had plenty of room for my necessary travel related items. The notebook sleeve can accommodate a 15” laptop. The inside pocket has a RFID blocking pocket for attacks against credit/debit cards with chips. The backpack has many compartments to fit almost anything in or out the backpack. There are these cool interlocking zippers which add some additional security. There are two side pockets which are great for water bottles. If you know me, you know I take hydration very seriously. As far as comfort, the shoulder straps have padding and there is a strap adjustment system which did make this bag very comfortable to wear for long stretches. It can be adjusted to fit me being 6’2 in height and my wife who is about 5’0 in height.

The price of the backpack is very reasonable with a 5-year Pacsafe warranty. I honestly don’t know how I have been traveling so long without this backpack. I highly recommend this product for all your travel or commuting needs.

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